Samsung Identity Redesign
Showcase Samsung’s innovative and dynamic brand DNA.
Complete visual identity redesign for Samsung Electronics. Samsung Electronics is a world-known Korean brand manufacturing a wide range of appliances and digital products. The visual redesign aims to showcase Samsung’s dynamic and innovative characteristic, creating a clear brand personality that leaves impact in its wide-ranged customer group.
Timeline: January - April 2023
Type: Personal Branding Project
Skills: Logo, Poster, 3D Motion, 3D Modeling
Advisor: Charles Lin
Design Process
Frame Work
Simplifying professional terminologies to make it intuitive and clear.
The 5W1H helps sort out different questions to answer during the design process, and leads to the final design. The focus of this project answers the question “How to deliver Samsung’s attitude.”
Showcase the dynamic and innovative brand DNA of Samsung.
The brand identity redesign aims to showcase Samsung's dynamic and innovative brand DNA, captivating audiences with a modern image while aligning with the ever-evolving market to position the company as a trailblazer in the tech industry and foster a deeper connection with customers.
Samsung’s dedication to technology and the commitment to customers.
The Samsung brand concept is embodied in their slogan "Together for Tomorrow" and reflects their dedication to innovative and futuristic technology. The term "Neo" symbolizes this futuristic approach, while "Multifaceted" represents the diverse range of products and experiences that Samsung offers. Finally, "Energetic" conveys the company's enthusiasm for building a brighter digital world. Altogether, these concepts demonstrate Samsung's commitment to providing customers with high-quality, innovative products that enhance their lives.
Do you remember Samsung’s original logo?
Even without brand name, customers can easily recognize logos of these brands (Apple, Nike, Chanel). Samsung needs the same visual impact with their identity. Customers will be able to perceive the Samsung’s personality as a brand and create more emotional connection, thus increasing customer loyalty.
Use a mild method to reach the mass customers.
Samsung owns a wide range of customers with different preferences. This guides the visual style toward a balance between “unique brand voice” and “mass customer acceptance”. Samsung will take a mild method on its visual upgrade.
Showcase identity’s potential through different channels.
While having a main identity that delivers the core message, Samsung’s identity isn’t limited to a specific color or style. The redesign can be tailored for specific audience group to reach the best effect.
Visual Style Strategies
Create visual impact with simple design and strong contrast.
Inspired from Samsung’s clean, geometric form, the design strategy aligns with this attribute. The diamond shape pattern and teal+white+black color palette will be used repetitively. This principle guides the following visual application of Samsung’s main visual.
Primary Logo
Samsung is multi-faceted.
The logo form comes from interpreting different sides of a cube. This represents Samsung’s variety range of products, matching with the concept word “Multi-faceted”. The use of sharp angles in the logo suggests Samsung’s energy and creativity, highlighting Samsung's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design.
Color Palette
Neo, Energetic, Reliable
Samsung's main color scheme consists of black, white, and a light teal, with teal conveying a sense of reliability that forms the foundation of Samsung's products. To add a neo and energetic vibe, we have chosen a light version of teal and incorporated secondary colors for visual interest and depth.
Clean, Sans-serif to represent brand image.
Samsung's brand image is best represented by clean, sans-serif typography. To achieve this, the brand has chosen Aeonik as the main typography, with its well-structured design and refined details. For body text, Inter has been selected for its high readability, making it a suitable choice to deliver information to the users in a clear and concise way.
Identity Poster
Samsung, a tech company filled
with temperature.
The identity concept reflect Samsung’s commitment to customers, surrounding the theme of “Samsung is a company with temperature”. Thus a bright color palette is used according to the visual strategy and showcasing the energetic attribute of Samsung.
Event Posters
Showcasing different possible applications of the identity.
This set of poster showcases under the same design strategies, how Samsung’s identity could extend to a variety of styles while maintaining the brand tonality.
Logo Concept Video
Social Media Posts
Samsung App Family Style Frame
What I
Create a visual strategy and follow it
I often come up with different ideas that "looks cool" for this identity or brand event. Through this project I learned how to setup strategies for the design and follow it all the way through.