Samsung’s sponsored campaign for LE SSERAFIM’s first world tour.
Unfold the world fearlessly with
LE SSERAFIM and Samsung
A campaign proposal between Samsung and Kpop girl group LE SSERAFIM to increase Samsung’s brand visibility and attraction to Gen-Z customers.
Timeline: March - June 2023
Type: Personal Branding Project
Skills: Poster, Motion, 3D Modeling
Advisor: Charles Lin
Design Process
Frame Work
Simplifying professional terminologies to make it intuitive and clear.
The 5W1H helps sort out different questions to answer during the design process, and leads to the final design. The focus of this project answers the question “How to deliver Samsung’s attitude.”
Explore new horizons and capture fearless moments with Samsung.
Leveraging the tagline of the popular FLIP model among young consumers (Unfold the World), our campaign concept integrates the characteristics of our collaborative partner, "LE SSERAFIM." By promoting the message of "Unfold the World," the campaign seeks to encourage users to explore new horizons with their Samsung devices.
Confident brand personality and
well-matched target audience
LE SSERAFIM consistently delivers the concept of  “I AM FEARLESS”, and their fans are mainly Gen-Z customers. This match with what Samsung wants to deliver and the group of audience we want to reach.
Deliver Samsung’s message through a way our audience is familiar.
LE SSERAFIM’s fans is a group of Gen-Zs attracted by their “fearless” personality. Their characteristic affects the information channel and experience we provide.
Combining online & offline channels
The advertisement will start from online and expand to offline, thus matching the “digital natives” and “experiential” characteristic of our audience.
Visual Style
Breaking the boundaries,
and true to your heart.
The campaign utilizes post-modernism collage style to showcase our attitude of “Breaking the boundaries.”The doodling elements stands for “Being true to your original self”. This contrast between campaign’s visual style and Samsung & LE SSERAFIM’s original style hooks back to our campiagn value — “Fearless Gen-Zs”. Both Samsung and LE SSERAFIM are not limited by a certain image.
Identity Poster
Collage, Doodling, Mix media
Using a lyric from LE SSERAFIM’s song “What You Lookin At”, I create this set of identity poster. This is also the basic form of all further graphic deliverables. With the collage form, I am able to transform it into different formats of media easily.
Advertising Materials
Concert Merch & Pop-up Store
What I
Changing mindset and embracedifferent possibilities
My biggest take away from this project is exploring different kinds of visual style. As Samsung & LE SSERAFIM are both brand with clean visuals, it is easy to start with a neat visual approach as well. I challenged myself to take a different approach and bring surprise to audience who sees this collaboration.