Internship Brief
Product Design
Nov 2022 - Now
Video Making
2D Graphics
3D Motion Graphics
My Internship at Dora
Dora is a No Code design platform that empowers users to create and publish 3D websites with complex animations. Since November 2022, I have been a Product Design intern at Dora, where my main focus has been optimizing user onboarding experiences and marketing events. I participated in Dora’s social media account and brought 15000+ followers and 110,000 views on Youtube / Twitter / Instagram.
In addition to onboarding, I also worked on designing social media assets for marketing events. These assets were essential in promoting Dora to new users. During this experience, I learned to explore intriguing and enjoyable visual approaches that capture the attention of our target audience, contributing to Dora's growth and success.
Dora’s Youtube Tutorials
Building tutorials from 0 to 1
I collaborated with Product Managers, Product Designers, and Marketers to analyze user behavior on our platform. This analysis informed my design decisions as I created onboarding tutorials to enhance the user learning process, making it more accessible and efficient.

Then I built the videos from scripts -> design assets -> video recording -> editing -> cover design, and shipped the video.

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Social Media
Promoting Dora Events
One of the event I worked on is the Dora Expo, where numerous designers were invited to share their experiences. To celebrate the speakers attending our event, we created a set of motion posters, totaling over 30 pieces.

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Creating Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for tasks.
Break the boundaries and seek opportunities.
What I Learned
Challenge yourself and develop your own way to design.
Working in a startup, I often encountered new and undefined tasks. However, I developed a habit of noting down the process, carefully analyzing the pros and cons, and organizing them into standard operating procedures (SOP) for future use. This approach significantly increased efficiency when dealing with repetitive tasks and proved to be beneficial in saving valuable team resources.

I had the pleasure of brainstorming various opportunities to improve the user experience and successfully implemented these ideas.When creating tutorial videos, I initially started with basic screen recordings and audio explanations. Over time, this approach evolved, and I integrated additional assets such as motion graphics and subtitles to enhance users' understanding of the product features. Continuously challenging myself, I sought better approaches to demonstrate ideas in a simple and clear manner.