Internship Brief
Interaction Design
May- Aug 2023
3D Motion Graphics
2D Graphics
Interface Design
My Internship at Designworks, BMW
Projects are currently under NDA:)
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In the summer of 2023, I interned at Designworks, BMW Munich Studio, where I had the privilege of contributing to various brand projects including BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce. It was a great learning experience collaborating with interaction designers, creative strategists, and industrial designers. My involvement spanned across different projects, including VR, app development, and motion design, all aimed at enhancing brand value for the customers.
Throughout my internship, I engaged in diverse tasks such as creating 3D style frames, designing 3D motion pieces, crafting 2D graphic assets, working on UI designs, storyboarding, and concept development. It was an enriching opportunity to hone my skills and contribute to the innovative projects.
Some Photos :)
Your designs should represent the brand.
Get the best results under time limitations.
What I Learned
Manage your design process.
Working with brand such as BMW with historical brand culture means you should be aware if your design decisions represent the brand attitude. BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce all have diverse target audiences and unique brand stories. It's essential to consider the emotions you wish to convey through your designs, the appropriate colors and textures to use, and whether the customers group would appreciate the experience you create. I've learned to develop graphic assets and mobile interactions by observing brand characteristics and envisioning a desirable customer experience through imagination.

The biggest difference between real design and school projects is the time limitations.For each project there’s a limited time frame you could work on, so I was challenged to plan my work more precisely and push them to the best before the deadline comes.There are never perfect designs, so understanding the client’s needs and criteria are vital for managing an appropriate work progress.