Project Brief is part of the wilfire prevention campaign lead by CalFire and American Red Cross.
Interface Design
Web Building
ACCD 2022 SP
Wildfire Class

Ana Vazquez
Stacey Zhu
Yufan Liu
Jan - Apr 2022
Concept Development

May - Oct 2022
Launch Preparation
Guillaume Wolf
Judy Toretti
Be a California Protector!
A campaign for California Residents
California Protectors is a sponsored project from CalFire and American Red Cross that I worked in class with my classmate. After the class, we developed this project further, and this campaign is planned to be launched in the Fall (currently under final review). My role in the team is designing and building the website.
This project aims to promote wildfire awareness and call on people to take preventive actions for their homes. The message is delivered through printed materials, promotion video, social media post, and the website.
Website Positioning
Call to Action
In the whole marketing plan, the website serves as the last step that welcomes the audience who came from previous channels and explains the detail of the call to action (protect your home).
Teach people about wildfire prevention.
Easy to maintain and update after launching.
Be inclusive for different age groups and races.
Balancing clients needs, aesthetic choices, and target audience preference.
Considering our client’s needs and our main target audience ( 40-60 y/o house owners), the structure of the website was kept simple. This creates an easy-reading experience, and our clients could easily update the website with the fixed components in the future.
Final Design
Visit for details.
Call to Action
Advocating residents to join wildfire prevention and sharing to people they care.
Explain Buffer Zone
The 3d model helps to explain the buffer zone concept to our audience straightforwardly. They can enter the detail page for further information.

This playful design is the eye candy for our audience. As they scroll through and interact with it, they will feel fun and willing to look further into other parts of our campaign.
Linking our audience to tools that provide them instant updates about wildfire, and authentic articles that guide them through preparation. Considering the characteristic that the website is convenient for a heavier load of information, we included extra resources and links to different organizations here as well.
Inclusive &
Friendly experience
California is a place with diversified people, so we created different language version and is size-responsive to make our campaign inclusive.
Inclusive Language
English & Spanish
Responsive Size
Desktop, Tablet, Phone
What I
Design with emotion
Through this project, I learned about implementing positive emotion experience into design. This keeps our audience engaged and elevates the outcome. Also, I updated my coding skills after this project.
Thank you
for viewing!